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Requirements Needed to Perform the Pump Testing

  • Water to fill the Draft Commander – 2-3000 Gallons
  • A hydrant at or very near where the testing will be performed. Or a tanker to truck the water to the location
  • Water on hand to top off the testing tank as needed. There will be some loss some when disconnecting/connecting  the testing hoses 
  • When all tests are complete, we will refill the tanker with the remaining contents of the Draft Commander

Outdoor Testing Season is March – November

Indoor Testing Season is December – April
(Draft Commander trailer and Test Gauges inside – Hoses run under the bay door to the Truck Outside)

If you would like to schedule pump testing, please call our office or contact your local Harrob sales rep.
Phone: (800) 724-2590 or (315) 422-0730

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